Artist, designer, illustrator, architect, headmaster of Education center IWS Palac Lucja(of Education center International Association of Watercolour), tutor of watercolour medium, owner of Palac Lucja Gallery in Zakrzow (Poland), organizer and curator exhibitions. Member of the Ukrainian designers' association.

"'I am writing pictures to bring something good to the world. Therefore, only when I feel positive I draw. I want everyone who looks at my pictures is inspired by the positive. People I love you, I love the lights and I adore art''.

Khrystyna Dransfeld


She studied at the art school for children of Oleksy Novakivsky. She graduated with honors Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts of Ivan Trush, which was qualified as an artist, a designer and the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" specialty "Architecture of buildings and constructions", specialization - "Housing architecture" where she received her qualifications - Master of Architecture.


  • International Exhibitions in Kamień Śląski, 2018, Poland
  • Personal Exhibitions in Zakrzów, 2018, Poland
  • Flower Art Show, 2019, Florence, Italia


The artist's work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious national and international venues across Europe. For example: 

  • Urbino in Acquerello 2019, Italia
  • 1st International Watercolor Festival in Romania, “Make Watercolor Great Again”, Bucharest, Romania.
  • 1st International Watercolor Exhibition in Finland “ Nature power and beauty” 2019, Helsinki, Finland
  • “Watercolor Art Zurich 2019”, Gallerie Kunst Zürich Süd, 2019 , Zurich, Switzerland
  • II International Watercolor Festival “Castra 2019” Ajdovščina, Slovenia
  • 1st International Self-Portrait Biennale “Who I am?” 2019, Tirana, Albania
  • 3rd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale 2019 “Albania Super”
  • Tirana, Albania

Future Events:

  • 1st OlympiArt 2019, New Delhi, India
  • “Warmi Illa’’ Woman Soul, 2019, Lima, Peru
  • IWS Kosovo Watercolor Biennal 2